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summer-reading-kidSummer is a great time to spend some time reading with your child. With all the summer fun, it is important to continue reading to your child to offer them access to books. One of the best summer activities is to visit your local library and stock up on books to read!

In the November Issue of School Library Journal  the article “Proof Positive” boasts that children who read over the summer become better readers and increase their achievement in school. The article discusses a new study from the Dominican University Graduate School and Susan Roman who found that students that participate in a library summer reading program show gains in their reading progress from the end of the school year to the beginning of the next school year.

In another study by McGill-Franzen and Allington (2004), it was found that summer vacations create a reading loss for economically disadvantaged students.

In order for all students to achieve gains in reading and maintain or increase their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading readiness, they must continue to be read to over the summer.

In an effort to help parents and children interested in reading over the summer, the ECS Library is sponsoring the Summer Reading Fun! program. Parents can read books they own and/ or get books from the local library, and read to their child every day.

To track your reading progress, we are providing a ECS Library Summer Reading Log (ECS Library Summer Reading Log Espanol) which you and your child can complete together! All that you have to do is:

  1. Read Aloud to your child for at least 15 minutes a day summer-reading sun
  2. Let your child draw a picture, write their initials, or put a sticker on the square for every day that you read together.
  3. On June 30th, July 31st, and August 19th you will then go to enter your contact information and the name of the book that was your favorite one to read that month.
  4. By entering that information, you will be eligible to win 5 free books!

For more information about how to read aloud to your child and why you should read aloud to your child visit

Here are some links to other fun summer reading sources:


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