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book coverWhat in the Wild  by David M. Schwartz & Yael Schy with photos by Dwight Kuhn is an absolutely fabulous new nonfiction book where kids can be nature detectives!

In this book, each page has a mystery of nature concealed with a cryptic poem that alerts children to the clues of what is concealed in the picture. When they open the page, it reveals a wonderful tidbit of information about that element of nature accompanied by a great photo.

This book is fun, informative, mysterious, and just an all around great read! If you are looking for a book to intrigue your young child, this is it!

Share this book and I guarantee you will spend quite some time exploring the detailed photographs and finding out about some really cool things in nature!

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One thought on “Book of the Day

  1. I can comment this week! Thanks for being so loyal to Book Talk Tuesday!
    This is the kind of book that sends the kids over the edge, isn’t it? All the guessing and excitement? Monday was my last kindergarten class of the year, and I must say that I heaved a great sigh of relief!
    : ) Kelly

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