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Sneaky Sheep  by Chris Monroe is a really fun new book that little kids will be able to identify with and enjoy! Have you ever been told not to do something, then that one thing that you are not supposed to do is the only thing you want to do?

In this book, Rocky and Blossom, two rather adventurous sheep, live in a perfectly lovely meadow. Murphy, the sheep dog watches over the sheep every day, and has told the sheep not to venture out of the meadow.

Rocky and Blossom have other ideas though about what they want to do. They want to explore! In particular, they want to explore the meadow on the mountain. (Insert sirens and a warning of Danger! Danger!)

Rocky and Blossom try, and try, and try to escape Murphy’s watchful eye and venture out of the meadow, but they are largely unsuccessful until one day…

I don’t want to spoil this wonderfully fun book for you! Instead, you should just come check it out from the ECS Library for yourself! This is one you and your young child will really enjoy reading together!

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