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Foxy and Egg  by Alex T. Smith is a fabulous new book that my kids and I have just fallen for totally and completely! Trust me when I tell you that this is a great book to read with young children!

I have to say that both the writing style and the illustrations are so well done in this book, that the story is just that much better because of the writing style and illustrations! In this book, Foxy DuBois lives in a suspicious looking house. Egg rolls up and Foxy invites him in.

Foxy is thrilled to have Egg in her home and she cooks up a great plan! She wants only the biggest egg to eat, so she serves up a delectable dinner and then has Egg participate in games to fatten him up as well. Foxy invites Egg to stay over because of course she has big plans for breakfast (wink, wink). Foxy dreams of chickens and delicious egg meals!

Then, during the night, accordingly to plan, Egg grows to an enormous size! When the egg cracks, Foxy is delighted! Unfortunately …well, I don’t want to spoil it for you! Read this one with your young child and giggle will abound!

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