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Children Make Terrible Pets  by Peter Brown is a lively and fun book! I really enjoyed reading this book, and my kids really enjoyed having the book read to them.

In this book, Lucy, a bear, finds a little boy, which she promptly makes her pet. Squeaker, as she lovingly calls him because all she hears him say is “Squeak,” is a at first a wonderful pet! She promises her mother that she will take care of him, and then Lucy and Squeaker play together, eat together, and nap together.

Squeaker, however, becomes a bit bothersome to Lucy and her mother. Then, Squeaker disappears. Lucy had almost given up hope of finding Squeaker when she caught his scent. She followed his scent to where he had run off to.

Turns out, Squeaker went home to his people family. Discouraged, Lucy returns back to her home leaving Squeaker to his. She thinks on the way home, and once she gets there her and her mother confirm that children really do make horrible pets!

The humor in this book is right on target, and you and your young child will really enjoy reading this book together!

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