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Clever Jack Takes the Cake  by Candace Fleming & G. Brian Karas is a fabulous new book that has a wonderful story, great illustrations, and a message that the librarian in me just adores!

So in this book, Jack is a poor boy, but he gets invited to the princess’s 10th birthday party. However, Jack has nothing fine enough to give her. He manages to pull together some ingredients though and bakes her a fine cake. The cake has two layers of golden sweet cake, buttery frosting, ten tiny candles, walnuts that spell out Happy Birthday, and in the middle a perfect strawberry.

As Jack sets off to take the cake to the party, he runs into some trouble. Suffice it to say that some crows, a troll, a scary wood, and a gypsy woman and her dancing bear all decimate his cake. All he has left when he gets to the castle is the strawberry. Even that gets eaten by one of the guards!

Poor Jack! When he gets up to the princess though, he regales her with his tale of woe, and when he concludes it, she is delighted! Turns out, Jack’s story was the best gift she got! Share this story with your young child and I can assure you that everyone is going to love it!

This is one of my new favorite books, and for good reason! Afterall, don’t we all appreciate a good story from time to time?

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